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President ’s Poson Message

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President ’s Poson Message

Poson Poya is the most venerated day for the devout Buddhists of Sri Lanka, as it marks the arrival of Arahat Mahinda Thera, carrying the noble teachings of the Buddha, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said yesterday (23) in his Poson Poya Day message.

“From ancient times, we have been engaging in Amisa Pooja (ritualistic offerings) and Prathipaththi Pooja (practice offerings) to mark the Poson Poya, recalling the noble qualities of the Buddha and to express our gratitude to Arahat Mahinda Thera,” Rajapaksa said.

 He went on to say that the values acquired socially, culturally and politically from Buddhist teachings are immense and the Eight Worldly Conditions (Atalo Dhamma) shaped the public in looking at loss, fame, obscurity, blame, praise, happiness and pain in life with indifference.

 “I strongly believe that we should achieve people-centric economic goals as well as build a prosperous Nation that consists of compassionate citizens who love the earth and its flora and fauna,” the President added. (ST)

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